Who We Are

busterBuster Brown

After four decades as a successful teacher/coach at both the high school and college level, Buster has turned his love for raptors and falconry into a business. Now, as a Master Class falconer he is training hawks and falcons instead of athletes. Georgia Mountain Falconry will include not only hunting with birds of prey, but falconry & raptor education.

damonDamon and Jill Lusky

He is a self taught practical welder and blacksmith. Over the last ten years Damon has taken his work with metal arts to the art of knife making. His company, Alfa-Knife, is making great strides in the custom knife world because Damon makes each knife by hand and guarantees them for life. To go along with this, he is a teacher of martial arts and survival skills. Damon will take his love for all things raptors and play a major role in all facets of Georgia Mountain Falconry, from education, to hunts, to abatement.